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Building Community with Hale Halawai

Mina Morita discusses the unique circumstances associated with supporting a rural island community.

Surfing and Accessibility with AccesSurf

Cara Short discusses how AccesSurf brings the joy of the beach to anyone with a disability.

Food Rescue and Redistribution with Aloha Harvest

Leslie Pyo and Jay Purvis discuss how Aloha Harvest distributes over one million pounds of rescued food every year.

The Importance of Trees with The Outdoor Circle

Myles Ritchie discusses The Outdoor Circle's Hawaii tree mapping efforts and the benefits of planting trees.

Reading Aloud with Read to Me International

Kara Kusunoki shares the impact reading aloud can have with families and the greater community.

Building a Tiny House Village with Quixote Communities

Jaycie Osterberg shares how Quixote Communities uses tiny houses to combat homelessness.

Crafting a caring camping experience for those affected by childhood cancer with The Goodtimes Project

Becky Felak discusses how they provide a fun, supportive, and empowering environment for those affected by childhood cancer at The Goodtimes Project.

Sustainable Island Development with Waivunia

Robert Reid shares the needs, requirements, and difficulties of assisting rural islands.

The benefits and impact of bringing a community aquatics center to Bellevue

Susan Pappalardo discusses the positive change an aquatics center can bring to a community.

Breaking down barriers that prevent teens from accessing the arts with TeenTix

Shelton Harris shares TeenTix's mission and how they're using technology to connect their youth with the arts.

Creating opportunities through house building, education, and community with DOXA

Alex Knopes shares DOXA's mission, vision, and impact, and how they utilize technology to bridge the gap between the US and Tijuana.

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